Seating at the Seaton Sluice Warm Hub

Volunteers at Seaton Sluice Community Centre have worked with community partners to set up a warm hub in the library at the community centre.

The warm hub is open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM and offers free hot drinks to anyone who uses it.

To reduce heat loss, keep the building warm and reduce heating costs at the community centre, the volunteers have placed reflective foil insulation sheets behind the radiators that reflect the heat back into the building.

Thermal blinds have also been installed to help reduce costs. The black side of the blinds absorbs heat inwards in the Winter.

The thermal blinds were purchased with grants from The Ballinger Trust, The Rothley Trust and Fairshare.

This warm hub is generously sponsored by;

Beresford Road Co-operative store

Northumberland County Council

Seaton Sluice Residents Association

Seaton Valley Council

Our thanks to everyone who is helping to keep our residents warm and healthy